Initalise obp cli

To use the obp cli against an Open Bank Project instance, you must first initalise it against the url of the instance you wish to access.


You must already have:

How to initialise your connection

Type obp init, you will then be asked to enter your Open Bank Project URL, username, password and consumer key (see task_get-consumer-key).

obp init
Please enter your API_HOST:  []:
Please enter your username:  [chris]: chris
Please enter your password:
Repeat for confirmation:
... generating direct login token
Please enter your OBP_CONSUMER_KEY: abc123
Init complete

Once you see Init complete, your obp cli has been successfully initalised! Verify your connection by running a simple command:

obp getuser

The response should be your user object. See Verify installation for a selection of possible commands.