Install obp cliΒΆ


The cli requires you use python version 3 or higher. On some systems this means your pip is called pip3 rather than pip

pip3 install --user obp-python # Requires at least python 3

Verify installationΒΆ

obp --help

Expected output:ΒΆ

Usage: obp [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  addaccount              πŸ“ Add a bank account
  addbank                 🏦 Add a bank
  addcustomer             πŸ§™ Add a customer
  addfx                   πŸ“‰ Add exchange rate (FX)
  addrole                 🚧 Add a role for current user
  adduser                 πŸ“ Add a user
  addview                 🧐 Add a view
  answerconsent           🚧 Answer consent
  createconsent           🚧 Add a consent
  deletebranches          ⚠️ 🏦 Delete all branches
  deletecardbyid          ⚠️ πŸ’³ Delete card by id
  getaccountbyid          πŸ“ Get account by id (includes balance)
  getaccountsheld         πŸ“ Get list of accounts held
  getaccounttransactions  πŸ“ Get transactions for an account
  getauth                 πŸ”‘ Get your DirectLogin token
  getbanks                🏦 Get list of banks
  getcardbyid             πŸ’³ Get card by id
  getcardbynumber         πŸ’³ Get card by card number
  getcards                πŸ’³ Get list of cards at bank
  getconsents             🚧 Get consents
  getconsentstatus        🚧 Get consent status- with certificate
  getcustomers            πŸ‘₯ Get list of customers
  getuser                 πŸ˜ƒ Get your user info
  getuserid               πŸ“‹ Get your user id
  getuseridbyusername     πŸ“‹ Get user id by username
  getviews                🧐 Get views by provider
  importaccounts          🚜 Import accounts from spreadsheet template
  importbranches          🚜 Import branches from spreadsheet template
  importcardattribues     🚜 Import card attributes from spreadsheet template
  importcards             🚜 Import cards from spreadsheet template
  importcustomers         🚜 Import customers from spreadsheet template
  importtransactions      🚜 Import transactions from spreadsheet template
  importusers             🚜 Import users from spreadsheet template
  init                    πŸ’‘ Initalize connection to your Open Bank Project...
  linkusertocustomer      πŸ”— Link user to a customer
  revokeconsent           🚧 Revoke consent
  sandboximport           🚜 Bulk import sandbox data from json input

Congratulations! If you see the help menu output, you have installed the obp cli.


You can also view additional help on individual commands, such as obp addrole --help to get more help on the addrole command. For example:

obp addrole --help
Usage: obp addrole [OPTIONS]

🚧 Add a role for current user

  --role-name TEXT  Name of the role/entitelment  [required]
  --bank-id TEXT    Some roles need a bank id
  --user-id TEXT    Add role to a differnt user
  --help            Show this message and exit.